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What's up?

I'm Yeske.

A speaker, creative coach, host and Marvel enthusiast, my best days are spent coaching influencers to find their WHY, and taking my wife and three little ones across the country in an RV to discover what family and life is really about.

I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the courses, the followers, the stages (well except the stage part); in fact I used to be a super-unorganized, teen-prodigy kid in a band that opened for Fall Out Boy and was on tour living the “sex, drugs & rock & roll” life by eighteen. That changed when I found myself hitting the bottle too hard and had a supernatural experience that prompted me to quit the band and go on a journey to find myself.


Since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with asking people “what do you want to do when you grow up?” As I began to seek out my calling, my mic paved a path to speaking to teenagers and motivating them to find their purpose in life. Before I knew it, I was being given the keys to be a youth pastor (still don’t know why they thought I was spiritual enough to do that) and was flying across the country with my wife and 3-month-old daughter to work at a 13,000 person operation under one of the biggest names in the youth ministry game.


Little did I know, the jump to an organization that big would begin to sink me. My “disease to please” began pushing me to 80-hour weeks, sacrificing my family on the altar of work, until my wife paused me long enough to say, “Nate, this has got to stop." I woke up to realize I was losing the heart of my daughter and hers the same.


The weight of that realization was crushing my chest, the disappointment I saw in my daughter’s eyes for leaving the house again because “daddy had to go to work”broke me, and I finally snapped. I heard this little voice whisper: "Go to YoutTube and type ‘time management.’" Enter Tony Robbins, the world’s leading personal development coach and O.G. for 30+ years. I became obsessed with personal development and any “hack” that could help my creative mind and get my time back so I could get my wife and daughter back.


So there I was, up at 5am before my 9-to-5 for six months, scouring the internet for every time management trick and tool, and sharing with every friend I had (who happened to be well-known folks in the entertainment industry). People started getting record deals, getting marriages back on track, and those who were entrepreneurs started making stupid money in short periods of time (legitimately, lol).


People started asking how I was doing it; for the first time in ten years I was crushing it at my job. I was building sustainable systems, running teams, loving my wife and kids, and getting home at 5! And then it happened… while at a Tony Robbins conference and I heard this small voice say… "After 10 incredible years, I want you to put your family first and get your wife home… it’s time to become a coach and wake up the world." That was a panic attack that crushed my soul and a nine-foot walk of hot coals in front of me (yeah I know that sounds crazy and super aggressive, haha).  

I should have known that a “cool kid” in a band from a small town who was known for asking his mom’s Mary Kay clients “what do you want to do when you grow up?!” would one day become a motivational speaker traveling all across the world, owning three businesses, and coaching some of the coolest influencers in the world.

Wanna know what really makes me get up in the morning?


It’s making people feel like they’re enough, to help them see that they can live their dream and never have to settle for anything less...because sometimes this journey gets stupid hard and we feel like we’re all alone, out here spinning our wheels, wasting time. If I can be that guy in your life that keeps you moving forward as you hear me shout “You can freaking do this! You got this!” while the rest of the haters watch in awe… then we’ll just say I did my job.


I can’t wait to meet you.

Can you relate?

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